Giving insights into the development of the SECCOPA project idea at IAB-UCL meeting in Nuremberg

April 5, 2019

Prof. Dr. Michael Gebel gave a keynote on „The role of temporary employment in the early career: A research agenda“ at the 1st Meeting of the Institute of Employment Research (IAB) – University College London (UCL) Anglo German Early Career Quantitative Education Researchers’ Network at IAB Nuremberg. He outlined how his research ideas for the SECCOPA project have evolved and he highlighted the main contributions of the SECCOPA project for the life course period of the transition from education to work. Specifically, he emphasized the need of a dynamic process and life course perspective, theory-guided empirical social research in an interdisciplinary setting, a basic understanding of causal effects and improving/aiming at “causal” inference and a multilevel approach in view of the embeddedness of life course into the social context.


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