Two SECCOPA presentations at the ISA RC28 Spring Meeting in Frankfurt, Germany

March 21 – 23, 2019

Dr. Jonathan Latner and Sophia Fauser gave two presentations on first results of the SECCOPA project, focusing on the effects of temporary employment on poverty and wages at the ISA RC28 spring meeting in Frankfurt, hosted by the Chair for Social Stratification and Social Policy (Prof. Markus Gangl).

Dr. Jonathan Latner gave a talk titled, Escaping poverty: Good jobs or good contracts? The presentation examined the relationship between type of employment contract and poverty exit. While previous research has shown that a temporary contract is associated with an increased risk of poverty, the other side of the story remains unexamined. Does a permanent contract represent a pathway out of poverty? Preliminary results suggest that a temporary contract increased the risk of a transitory exit from poverty, but consistent employment in any job increased the risk of a permanent exit from poverty. At the same time, macro characteristics, such as the unemployment rate, appear to be more important for poverty exit than individual micro characteristics, like contract type.

In her talk, Sophia Fauser looked at The Effect of Temporary Employment on Cumulative Wages, where she used SOEP data to determine clusters of 10 year career sequences and relate them to cumulative wages. Specifically, she compared career trajectories dominated by frequent spells of temporary employment to „standard“ career trajectories containing mainly periods of permanent employment. Her preliminary findings show that people with experiences of temporary employment suffer long-term cumulative wage penalties.


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