Two SECCOPA presentations at the 12th Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Workshop (IAB, Nuremberg)

January 23-24, 2020

Sophia Fauser and Sonja Scheuring were invited to present their work at the 12th Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Workshop on “Perspectives on (un-)employment” from 23 to 24 January 2020 at the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) in Nuremberg. Sophia Fauser presented on “Females’ Labor Market and Motherhood Trajectories: A Closer Look at Irregular Employment in South Korea” and Sonja Scheuring presented joint work with Prof. Dr. Michael Gebel on “Job Insecurity and Well-Being from a Life Course Perspective: A Sequence Analysis Based Approach”.

They were very happy to receive valuable feedback from international and interdisciplinary Ph.D. students and from Arne L. Kalleberg, who gave insights into his recent research on “Precarious Work, Institutions and Inequality”. The workshop emphasized the importance to analyze atypical employment and its impact on both the individuals and the firms.

First results of the SECCOPA presentation by Sonja Scheuring reveal that for Germany the stepping stone scenario has long-lasting positive effects on the well-being, whilst entrapped individuals adapt to permanent employees in their well-being.  

In her presentation, Sophia Fauser could show that for women in Korea, it is hard to reconcile family and work responsibilities as the majority of them drop out of the labor market for some years to focus on the bearing and rearing of children, while only highly educated women combine regular employment with short career interruptions for childbirth.


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