SECCOPA presentation at the YOUNG-IN 2020 Online Workshop

November 13, 2020

Sophia Fauser presented joint work with her colleague Sonja Scheuring on “Couples’ Early Career Trajectories and Later Life Housing Consequences in Germany: Investigating Cumulative Disadvantages” at the YOUNG-IN online workshop.

In this presentation, the authors address the long-term consequences of early career insecurity that go beyond immediate income effects by focusing on later life housing outcomes. Using German panel data on couples and the method of multichannel sequence analysis, this question is approached from a household and life-course perspective. First results reveal that early career insecurity in couples can lead to lower probabilities of homeownership and a higher share of income that is spend on rent in later life.

Sophia Fauser is especially thankful to the organizers of the workshop Kati Kuitto and Dirk Hofäcker for the opportunity to present her work during these turbulent times.

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