Kicking off the conference season this year at PAA2021 Virtual Meeting with two SECCOPA Posters

 May 5-7, 2021

We were very happy to kick off this year’s conference season by having 2 poster presentations of our PhD students at the inspiring PAA2021 Virtual Meeting.

First, Sophia Fauser presented her work on “Women’s Family Formation and Work Trajectories During Midlife in South Korea”, which is the result of a collaboration with Younga Kim from the Korean Labor Institute. In this study, they investigate how the timing of women’s family formation is associated with their 10-year employment trajectories in mid-life, distinguishing between regular employment, more precarious non-regular employment, and inactivity. Based on longitudinal data from the Korean Labor & Income Panel Study, they use sequence analysis to identify patterns of career sequences among middle-aged women. 

They find that women who delay family formation are more likely to obtain favorable labor market positions in their mid-career compared to some (but not all) types of non-regular employment. The effects are even more pronounced for women who remain single. 

Second, Sonja Scheuring presented her work on “Does Fixed-Term Employment Have Spillover Effects on The Well-Being of Partners? A Panel Data Analysis for East and West Germany”, which is a result from the collaboration with Jonas Voßemer (Mannheim Centre for European Social Research, MZES, Germany), Anna Baranowska-Rataj (Umeå University, Sweden and PI of the HEALFAM project), and Giulia Tattarini (Berlin Social Science Center, WZB, Germany). There they examine if transitions from unemployment into fixed-term employment and from fixed-term into permanent employment affect the partner’s well-being, if these effects differ by gender and East or West German socialization and what are the reasons for these effects. If you are interested in reading the full paper, which is published in Journal of Happiness Studies, please feel free to click here.

Even though unfortunately due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we could not meet personally in the St. Louis, Missouri, US, it was a great experience to present our work in this great and inspiring atmosphere. We are very thankful for the interest in our research and especially for the poster discussants raising important questions and having insightful discussions. Moreover, we thank the organizers for doing such a good job!

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